IEP Meeting Tips/Resources

Once you have been notified and agree to an IEP meeting it’s important for you to understand what this meeting is going to consist of when you arrive. Showing up at school with a room full of administrators, some of whom you may have never met can be an unnerving experience by itself. One of the most fundamentally important aspects to keep in mind is the goal of an IEP meeting is to develop a plan for your child to grow and improve in their education. Because an IEP is formal and governed by IDEA your child will have a set of goals the school administrators are working to help them reach during the school year.   These resources will give you more insight and help you to be ready to enter the IEP meeting and help develop the correct plan for your child.

“A Parent’s Guide to Developing your Child’s IEP” from the National Dissemination Center of Children with Disabilities (NICHCY):